Hey Cab Management System Project
  • Hey Cab Management System project

Hey Cab Management System Project

Hey Cab Management System Project by Three Terabytes is a dedicated cab management solution which works like Uber/Careem and can be customized to your needs.

The solution includes Web based admin panel which gives complete control over your drivers, rides, and payments. Drivers and customers communicate with each other using the mobile app (Android and iOS).

CMS App Customer Side

The heart of the Cab Management System Project is the customer side app (Android, iOS) which allows your customers to select a pickup location for themselves and just request for a ride. The customer can also choose to schedule a ride for later and plan. Once their request is accepted by a driver, the customer will be able to view where their designated driver is coming from and how far away they are and how long it will take them to get to the selected pick-up location. The customer can also contact their driver free of cost view chat included in the app.

Once the driver arrives at the selected location, the app indicated to the user if they are ready to begin the ride or if they no longer need the ride. Once the ride has been started, the customer can set a destination in the app or instruct their driver to go where they want. At the end of the ride the customer will receive their bill through the app. They can add a promo code to get a discount or they can choose to pay from their wallet or through cash. Once the fare is paid the customer will be asked to rate their driver and write a review on their experience and if they have any suggestions. The customers can view their previous rides and see their balance in their wallet as well.

CMS App Driver Side

Driver side app is available for anyone who wants to become a partner with your business and use their car to take rides with you. You can choose to put up a filter or only register drivers of your choice. Once the driver has logged in, they can see their location in the app and will receive requests from a particular area around their current location. They get a fixed amount of time to accept the offer. The request can be sent to all the drivers in a certain radius of the pickup location for the ride or can be sent to one specific driver.

Once the driver has accepted a request for a ride, they can see the pickup location on their app and can see the optional routes to that location on their app along with the estimated remaining time and distance. Once they arrive at the pick-up location, the driver will notify the customer and wait for the customer to get in the car. Once the customer is in, the driver can begin the ride and the customer will be notified again at this point. After this the phone will be calculating the time taken and distance covered during this ride. At the end of the ride the driver will choose to stop the ride and the total fare based on time and distance will be calculated and showed to both driver and customer. The driver confirms the payment through their app.

CMS Admin Panel

Admin Panel is at the top of Customer and Driver side apps. You can view all of your drivers’ live location as they move on the map in the admin panel. You can see which drivers are currently on a ride or are free. You can see the requests as they are made by different customers and supervise the rides. You can choose to send a request to all the drivers so any one of them can accept it or you can decide to send the request to a particular driver. Once the driver accepts the ride, you can see his information associated with the ride and the customer’s information as well. You can see the ride through its different states as the driver arrives at the pick-up location, when the ride started and when the ride is finished. You can see the pick-up location, destination location, distance covered and time taken during the ride and also the total fare calculated based on these states.

On Admin Panel you can view different kind of analytic data that can help you determine how to make better business decisions like where to deploy how many of drivers and which areas get slowed down or get more and more requests during which hours. Which drivers are the best earners and which discounts and offers work in which areas as well as which areas have a potential for more business if the correct campaign launched.

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If you need more information, you can contact our team experts. Who will help you figure out which options you might need or want in your custom Cab Management System Project?

  • Date August 30, 2017
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